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September 2020 Newsletter

Hello everyone! Far Owl Studios is continuing to adapt and pivot, which you can see right now! Welcome to our Monthly Newsletter Blog! This letter sheds light on the project's state and where it is heading with highlights and lowlights of our development.


Without further delay, let's get right into the September update!


August was one of our slower months due to many of our team members returning to their lives as quarantine orders are lifted, members did not have as much time. Weirdly, COVID-19 was a blessing in disguise allowing us to be more productive. Despite these setbacks, we are continuing to work on Ethereal Metropolis and determined to realize our vision to deliver a quality gaming experience unlike any in the games industry.

We have made great strides in our music creation process. We are on track for completing a polished digital Minimally Viable Product ( to be released later this year to the general public for testing. Please be on the lookout for more information by following our social media on Twitter and @farowlstudios on Instagram.


  • We have expanded this very letter you're reading to be our official newsletter to reach a broader audience and be more transparent with our community by creating a new tab on our website to sign up for this newsletter.

  • Our music producers have created drafts for our music that finally fit well with our vision for the game itself.

    • We met nine times over the month and submitted five expertly crafted drafts, one song is going to be featured in the demo

  • We now finally have a draft of act one of the game and quickly moving onto drafting the second act of the game.

  • Our artists are working their butts off with a total of 34 art drafts submitted over the last month!

  • We are updating our planned demo with 44 source files updated and two 3D models implemented into the game over the last month


  • Unfortunately, this month has been relatively slow due to everyone readjusting their lives back into work and studies.

  • We are continuing to face a lack of communication, sometimes resulting in delays of work to be delivered due to wrongful delivery. This issue is an easy fix, with constant communication and setting expectations clear from the start.

  • Our social media has been inactive lately with only five total social media posts across all platforms.

  • We are also struggling with implementing deadlines for ourselves in our project, making things difficult to manage at times.

  • Some teammates don't know clearly what purpose their tasks serve for the company and the project despite each task given having a clear purpose for them

  • We have delayed the opening of our professional network chat due to a lack of incentive to join and engage in the chatroom. This means that the chatroom release will be delayed. We apologize for any inconvenience that this may have caused.

The Path forward

  • While this month was slower than previous months, we are still on track towards completing a minimally viable demo with the features to get a fundamental idea of Ethereal Metropolis.

  • Sometime in the far future, we are thinking of creating a crowdsourcing campaign to source our ambitious endeavor and make an authentic narrative experience within our games.

  • We are planning on slowing down our onboarding efforts for a short while so that we can get every person on the same page without continually having to tell new people about the idea of this project.

  • Stay tuned for more...

Announcements and CTAs (Call To Actions):

We are continuing to bring on more members onto our team! If you or someone you know would want to work with an ambitious indie development team, apply at! Our roles are ever-changing as we progress our development and join an international team working together to create intellectually challenging games!

Know how to create excellent Kickstarter campaigns or know somebody that does? Please let us know and send the contact information our way at!

Thank you so much for reading this email! We are still driven to offer gaming experiences unlike any other out there in the gaming industry with intellectually challenging gameplay and narratives. That was our mission statement ever since this company was founded and we believe that we are slowly, but surely, realizing that vision with Ethereal Metropolis.

Regardless, thank you once again for your support and all that you have done, even if it is just reading this newsletter.

Kai(loulou) Davis

Founder and Lead Creative Director

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