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The Cervinian Herald: Issue Two

Hello once again everyone to this weeks Cervinian Herald! We have implemented more UI elements, creating 3D models, along with some animations for our build launching a couple of weeks before our Kickstarter launches on October 13th! Lets hop right into it!

The User Interface is one of the most important parts of Ethereal Metropolis since it is the very thing that you are using to interact with our game. First starting out with the main menu you will be introduced with.

We are using the key art of our game currently. But our final vision for it is to be a scene evolving over time, changing as you delve into Cervinae and uncover The Greatest Lie Ever Told...

This is the home base screen, or rather, a first version of it. This screen is the central place where you go to before and after each journey deeper into Cervinae. Here, you can check your squad loadout, upgrade weapons, armor, and abilities. Furthermore, you will be able to pick up snippets of conversations between members of the squad you command, allowing you to learn more about them and what exactly the “outsider world” is like.

Once you have finished your deliberations, then it is time to head once more into the fray. In our Kickstarter build, we plan on having two levels available for you. Each one has their own unique rewards and dangers of equal strength. During the final game, we plan on having randomly generated levels into the game which you will be able to select from the map of Cervinae here:

Then the level you have chosen simply needs to load. Loading screens will have unique art of The Holy City of Cervinae and its varying vistas. Along with a snippet of Cervinian lore or a gameplay tip.

Then you load into the level! From there you command your heroes to go forth! You will then have to fight and kill all of the Converted in each level. This is the scope of our build to demonstrate the variety that missions will be giving you.

Just to be clear, there will be only two levels available in our Kickstarter build releasing a couple weeks before October 13th. They will NOT be randomly generated and will be built in a manner to show the diversity of our gameplay design and generation.

Now, let's talk about the actual characters you command! We are currently working on the animations for Farcos as you can see here:

Speaking of animations, did you see how we brought this creature to life in our previous development insight? Consider checking it out to see how we bring to life our characters!

We are also working on a variety of models including weapons that the squad will be wielding in the Kickstarter build!

Then, last, but certainly not least, we are working on Dillesaro, the beloved “scaly boy” as we like to call him! He is the tank of the group, we have finished up a couple of our first renders and the version which will be available to play in the build!

All of this is only the tip of the iceberg that we have in the works. From animations, programming of abilities, to so much more! Make sure to read the previous Cervinian herald to see what abilities you will have access to and customize with during the build we are releasing!

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