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The Cervinian Herald: Issue One

Hello everyone! And welcome to our FIRST Cervinian Herald! I (Kailoulou) am writing to you all to give you all of the latest and juiciest updates about the development of Ethereal Metropolis!

We are releasing a playable build of Ethereal Metropolis in late September, a couple of weeks before our Kickstarter on October 13th!

We are knee deep in implementing a lot of the abilities in the game that are going to be available in this build. Each character will have access to at least two of their three subclasses. Each one fits their role on the team and takes in a different way. For example, Fjorjinn can be played as either a buff giving to her allies, or healing them directly, or somewhere in between!

Instead of speculating, how about we show you the planned abilities that will be available in this build! Your will shall forge the path ahead, it is up to you about how you will navigate the Converted.

Here is a list of each subclasses available for the four playable characters in the playable build:

Farcos (Melee Damage Dealer)

  • Code of the Eagle - Isolate single targets from the hordes of Converted you’ll face down and whither them down one by one meticulously.

    • Hunters Mark: Farcos gains a +20% chance to hit on the designated target, dealing an additional 5 damage, and suffers a -15% chance to hit on all other targets. If the designated target is killed, replenish 10 stamina.

    • Eagle Whip: Farcos summons a whip which he uses to wrap his enemies and pulls them towards him dealing 5 damage. Can attack immediately. Can be used on allies without damage.

  • Code of the Osprey - Dive headfirst into the ranks of Converted and become the ultimate shock trooper, disrupting enemy plans.

    • Psionic Dash: Farcos dashes across the battlefield dealing 10 damage to the enemy. Farcos then can follow up with an attack from his weapon or use the slam ability if he has enough stamina

    • Slam: Farcos charges up a large ball of psionic energy and throws it into the ground dealing 30 damage to enemies

Orishidat (Ranged Damage dealing)

  • Path of the Sharpshooter - Take flight to the skies and rain hellfire upon the Converted down below.

    • Flight: Orishidat flies up for as long as she can and takes aim at targets conferring +20 dodge and +2 mobility, drastically increases sightlines.

    • Charged Ammo: Orishidat psionically powers her weapon to fire a bolt dealing an additional +20 damage and pierces through a target.

  • Path of Deft Paws - Be nimble across the battlefield, find flanking opportunities and exploit them.

    • Blitz: Orishidat can now attack after dashing across the battlefield.

    • Rapid Shot: Take two shots against a target suffering a -20% chance to hit your target.

Dillesaro (The Tank)

  • Way of the Fortress - Becoming a walking fortress, you are both an immovable object and an unstoppable force

    • Stand Ground: Dillesaro stands his ground for one turn and charges up a bolt which he throws at enemies causing 60 damage. Attack is cancelled if he takes 30+ damage in one turn.

    • Psionic Armor: Dillesaro coats his armor in a psionic material that can absorb 30 damage from all attacks. If the attack deals more damage than what is left, negates all further damage. Lasts for two turns.

  • Way of the Devastator - Let the Converted swarm you, it will be their last mistake.

    • Stun Melee: Dillesaro surrounds his fist with lightning and stuns the target for two turns if the attack lands, dealing 30 damage to a single target.

    • Stomp: Dillesaro stomps the ground around him dealing disorient status effect and 10 damage. Lasts for one turn

Fjorjinn (The Healer/Support Character)

  • Oath of the Savior: Focus on healing your allies directly and restoring more of their health when they are knocked out.

    • Healing Orb: Fjorjinn sends an orb which heals the ally by 40 health.

    • Revive Dove: Fjorjinn sends a dove to revive an ally on the battlefield from far away, does not end her turn.

  • Oath of Hope: Focus on giving allies buffs and going on the offensive with support

    • Stasis: Fjorjinn targets an enemy and lifts them up into the air, granting +100 aim on all attacks on the target. Lasts for one turn.

    • Empower: Fjorjinn targets two friendlies (includes herself) to grant a damage and accuracy boost to. Grants +20% damage boost for one turn.

This is certainly a lot of information. Now, take note that we are just implementing the gameplay logic. Certain animations are coming in for the abilities, movement, and more but that is where our development efforts are sorely lacking. That is exactly why we are launching our Kickstarter campaign, to raise funds so that we can bring on even more talent to realize all of the necessary animations.

If you want to support us and make these abilities come fully to life in artistry, then consider following our Kickstarter page! We’re launching our campaign on October 13th!

Thank you for reading and have a wonderful one!

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