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Contract Work with Far Owl Studios

Far Owl Studios is currently offering contract work! If you believe that you qualify, please feel free to read about the contracts down below. Please consult our Contract Q&A page. If your question has not been answered, please feel free to contact us at

Click here to learn more about the contract work at Far Owl Studios

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Mood Concept Art Piece

Want to make a concept art piece in a painterly style featuring unicorn deer inquisitors deliberating over evidence of a heretic? If so, make sure to have the skills in 2D artistry in programs such as Photoshop, be familiar with drawing stylized deer (we have a guide for you), and working closely with the senior leadership!


"During my professional career as a concept artist, I have had the opportunity to work on several projects with many different studios. While each one has its uniqueness, but among all of them I would highlight Far Owl Studio. Their passion, creativity, teamwork are the pillars of the studio. Personally, as a concept artist, the detailed and extensive briefs with exact references, as well as accurate feedback from the directors would even surprise seasoned professionals in the industry with their high quality of work and dilligence. If there is something that Far Owl Studios cares about, it is the richness and depth of the stories of their games."

- Camilo Brushinky, Art Director at Dragonfly Games -

"Working with Far Owl Studios as a freelance 3D artist has been a delight, partly thanks to the great concept art pieces I was given which made it easier for me to recreate in 3D. Also the interactions with the project lead that I signed contracts with, who gave me feedback on each assignment and was always quick to pay after successful completion of each assignment, the whole experience has been nothing but positive. Would 100% work with them again!"

- Richard 'Renceed' Gelissen, Freelance 3D Generalist -

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