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Far Owl Studios is an international independent game development group founded in 2019 with its sole goal to make games that are at the "chess level" of sophistication in mechanics and narratives in a sea of "checkers level" games. We create games for the more hardcore crowd that are challenging yet accessible to those who pick up our games.

The four pillars of our design

What makes our games unique?

Marrying gameplay and narrative

Gameplay and narrative should work in tandem to augment each other, not be separate from one another.

Intellectually challenging

Our games challenge our players with the gameplay to build their character, but they also introduce them to new perspectives and ideas.

Nerd Out

Whether it be discussing our game story or finding the best builds, our games bring people together and "nerd out" about their favorite parts.

Challenging, yet accessible

Our games focus on one audience, but our game design welcomes anyone who wishes to join that audience.

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