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Far Owl Studios is currently looking to expand the development team. Please see below the open positions! If you think you are qualified then please fill out the surveys down below. We shall send you a confirmation email. Please be ready for an interview at a scheduled time. We thank you for your genuine interest in embarking on this journey with us! Please do note that these jobs are currently unpaid at the moment.

Click here to check out our Q&A section about working at Far Owl Studios


3D Character Artist

Work on painterly style low polygon models to be used in Unreal Engine 5.3 using Blender! Must be familiar with the 3D artistry pipeline and have familiarity with hand painting models. Portfolio required to apply.

Cathedrals of Cervinae_edited.png

Narrative Designer

Bring life to the world of Cervinae, write the branching dialogue of companions, work with the Director to implement story beats within levels, and more. Must have knowledge of basic game design and programming concepts (objects, loops, etc.), and portfolio to apply.

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