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Contract Work with FOS

How does the Contract Offer Period Work?

If a contract currently says "OPEN" that means that we are currently accepting contract offers for the specific work. During this period, anyone is free to send their relevant information to our email. Once they have done that, they will be considered in the pool.

If the offer period is over, the contract information will say "CLOSED." If you have submitted information, you will receive an email from Far Owl Studios saying one of three things:

Your offer has been turned down, your offer is being further considered, you have been accepted for the work


We use round based eliminations so time it will take to consider the contract can vary depending on how many offers receive.

Can I Inquire where you are in the process?

Yes, you can! Simply shoot us an email and we will be letting you know where we are in our decision process.

When will I be paid?

Our default timeline of payment is that you will be paid in weekly installments upon demonstrating that you have made reasonable progress or when you complete the contract. For example, a four-week contract will have 25% paid upfront, and the remaining 75% will be paid over the next three weeks. 


The length of the contract is discussed to accommodate your personal schedule and the timeline you would like to have to be in a good mental state when working on the contract (within reason, of course).


How will I be paid?

We can use either PayPal or Payoneer, rates WILL NOT be adjusted accordingly to cuts these platforms take. 


Will I have to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA)?

Yes, you will have to sign an NDA as per the terms and conditions of our contract documents that we use. Breaking this NDA will result in a lawsuit being filed against you. (Please don’t break it, it’s a massive mess for you and us all).


Can I post my contract work?

You can only post your work that you do for us if you are given explicit permission by Founder and Lead Creative Director Kai(loulou) Davis. Otherwise, no.


How do I communicate with Far Owl Studios?

We will be communicating by a mixture of email and Discord. What will happen is that you will be invited to our Discord work server and placed within what we call “Contractor Zone,” where you will communicate with us and do your weekly check-ins with the work. 


What should I expect when working?

Nothing aside from the usual, every week after your check-in, we will give a round of feedback and comment on your work (if there are any to be made) and move on. 

Am I part of the team?

No, you are not part of the team. If you wish to join us, please refer to our “Interested in Joining?” page. Please note that those positions are unpaid at the moment. 


Can I advertise my contract with you guys?

Yes, since this contract offer is public, it only makes sense to advertise that you secured a contract with us. BUT YOU CAN NOT DISCLOSE THE CONTENTS OF THE CONTRACT. This would include the actual work. 


Is your question not answered? Please feel free to get in touch with us via email at

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