Our current project, Ethereal Metropolis is a tile-based strategy game where players create their own characters to fight against the Lovecraftian inspired enemy known as "The Converted". 

An isolated paradisal city has been invaded by an unknown force simply known as “The Converted”. Those who remained from the invasion have sent a distress call to anyone who can hear it promising loot and magical powers, unlike anything they’ve ever seen. In this tile based strategy game, players will tackle this Lovecraftian inspired threat with a plethora of abilities and classes that reward well timing in fast and brutal combat scenarios. Fight through a city with characters that can be tailored to your playing style against enemies who are locked in a constant arms race with you all while in the setting of a gorgeous city. With a unique cast of quadrupeds and and bipeds in our game, we take a different approach towards creating the characters and their designs to offer a different visual experience. 


What platforms will this game be available on?

As of right now, only PC. We may bring ports to console, but that is unknown whether

it will happen or not.

Will this game be multiplayer?

As of right now, the game is only singleplayer. We may integrate multiplayer later on.

When will this be available?

It is uncertain when this will be available, the game is still early in development and we do not want to set

any hard deadlines that which we can not meet. 

What gameplay genres will this game be?

It will be squad tile-based where you command a party of characters on a tile grid and move them

on your turn. An equivalent to what we are producing is chess where pieces are constrained to tiles.

What engine are you using to develop this?

We are currently using the Unreal Engine to develop the game.

What languages will be supported?

As of right now, English only. As we finalize the script of the game, we will consider

localization of the game to other languages.

How can I support your development?

You can learn more about how to support us by visiting our "Support Us" page.

I have more questions!

If you have more questions that are not answered here, please send them to our email


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