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FOS Work Q&A 

Is this paid?

No, not right now. We are still a startup and funds for development and supporting our project are spread thin. We hope that you understand.

What technology do I need?

That depends on your position, but you need a functioning computer that is built for your respective position.

For example, if you are a programmer, you need a computer that can run the Unreal Engine.

What are my expectations?

You will be expected to work, at most, ten hours per week on this project. Furthermore, be communicative so that

we can adjust your work according to your schedule and life.


What do you use to communicate?

We use Discord to conduct our communications. Sometimes email if we are sending large files.

Are there deadlines?

Yes, but we build deadlines around your availability and time commitment to this project. That is

why one of the expectations is to communicate with us.

What do you use to keep track of work and assign work?

We use Trello boards. Once your work has been updated, you will be pinged

on the Discord server, notifying that it has been updated.

Where do you store your work?

All non-programming/non-in-engine work is stored in a google drive, and the rest is stored with

Perforce source control.

Can I use this on my resume?

Yes! Far Owl Studios prides itself on being a resume-building team. In fact, if you join us,

you will be working in a casual professional environment, gaining valuable professional

skills, and more!

What about my work?

All work that you produce for our IPs will be the property of Far Owl Studios, the only case where your work is declared as your own is if Far Owl Studios falls through. If you wish to use work in a portfolio, it needs

to be appropriately watermarked.

Do I have to sign an NDA?

No, by working with us, you automatically agree to a Non-Disclosure Agreement. Breaching of it

will result in termination from the team.

I didn't see my question!

If you did not see your question, please email us at

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