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Penumbras Development Missive One

Greetings Citizen of Cervinae...

Welcome to the first public edition of the Penumbras development newsletter, the narrative driven tile based strategy game where you command a squad of religious unicorn deer inquisitors fighting against eldritch abominations.

Notice how we used "public." Within the Order of Antlers, operations security is of utmost importance and after a month of inspection, we have deemed it appropriate to release this missive to general public of our fair city.

Order of Antlers members will receive these updates a month in advance, if you want to join us, come to our Discord to get hoof on the ground information:

New Art Showing who You Can be...

You see that buck on the left? That could be you...

We have new key art reflecting who you can be Citizen. Imagine yourself charging into the unknown through smoke with weapons, psionics, and, most importantly, allies at your side. Unified in purpose to preserve the sanctity of our fair city. To curb the threat of heresy and to preserve that which is holy. That which is greater than yourself, but you are bound to it in blood and heritage.

But battles are not solely won on the battlefield. Rigorous preparation is demanded, where one must inform themselves, prepare, and overcome their own doubts and fears.

Working alongside your allies, sifting through evidence, uncovering leads, and determining where the heretic may reside. It is in this comraderie that you will find that you are no longer serving just yourself, but you are serving ALL of Cervinae.

But ask yourself this, Citizen, do you want to serve something greater than yourself?

Join the Order of Antlers today by joining the Discord:

This is the first missive of many to come Citizen.

That is all for now though. We hope to see you in our headquarters.


The Penumbras Team

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