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Ethereal Metropolis Development Update #1

Shadowy Eldritch Unicorn Deer? Converted? Wolf Creatures?! What is this?! This is Ethereal Metropolis, a narrative tile based strategy game where you fight against shadowy eldritch unicorn deer abominations while uncovering the greatest lie ever told.

What we have been working on over the last month:

We have been working on prototype level, where we capture the core gameplay loop of Ethereal Metropolis. From the home base menu where you can customize your characters with a variety of weapons, armor, and abilities to create your solution to the Converted.

Along with building a prototype level of the game that demonstrates the fundamentals of level design principles. You can see here, while somewhat hard, outlines and walls of buildings can be seen here in the level.

This level also shows off our attempt to create a natural yet gameplay-oriented setting for you to play in. With buildings on both flanks and a no mans land, much like a street itself.

That is all we’re going to show you for the time being because we have plenty more features in development too!

This month we have also been focusing on creating the world of Ethereal Metropolis both within Cervinae and outside of Cervinae. Take a look at our cultural study of the Sentinels of Nature and Order, The Third Tornashian Empire:

The proud Tornashians seek to create majesty and display their believed right to be guardians of the natural order and peace, building their cities atop mountains to reflect such. Their imperial ambitions to stabilize their neighboring kingdoms and nations are also reflected in their vast and tall towers seen in this picture.

While not the actual city of Cervinae, it is important to have these so that we may better understand the characters and their cultural backgrounds so that we craft more rounded and realistic characters. The character that comes from the Third Tornashian Empire is Orishidat, the ranged weapons specialist of the game well versed in bows and ranged weapons.

Want to support our development further and see more content like this? Learn more about the Cultures of the world of Ethereal Metropolis, or sneak peeks at mechanics that we are currently implementing? Consider supporting us on Patreon!

We have so much planned ahead in the next month and we can’t to show you all in the month of January! Until then!

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