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Development Newsletter Four

Hello everyone once again to our fourth installment of our Newsletter! This newsletter isn’t as exciting as the previous ones but let’s get down to it.

Far Owl Studios has expanded!

We have expanded our team since the previous newsletter by five people! We would love for you all to extend a warm welcome to the newest conceptual artists on our team! Platinum Feather, Onyxa, and Azurxe. Along with that, we also recruited a new writer named Silver! Welcome to the team everyone! 

What this means is that we will be better able to get more work done and really continue along with our development of the game. Although we are still largely in the conceptual phase of the development, getting ideas, putting them through the trial by fire, and much more we will have more ideas circulating around and making the game a better experience.

Though we are all still pretty young where we all need to find a proper balance between our school, work, and Far Owl Studios life. With much of our schedule being ramped up this last month, we haven’t been able to devote as much time as we were able to during the summer months. But with that being said, since we have more members, we will be able to get more artwork and ideas out there to improve our game. 

Our Current Development

Like I said, our development is largely under wraps as of right now since we are really delving into the core ideas of our game, challenging them, and asking ourselves if this is what we really want our final product to be like. We have met many times with each other discussing what we expect the game to be like aesthetically, what messages we wish to convey to the player and the central themes of our game. We go in with the mentality that every single idea is a good idea until has been tried and tested in the realm of what we want. 

But, we are able to tease one of the upcoming events that Far Owl Studios will be hosting during the holiday season as a little thank you and also get people more familiar with the characters of our world and as some seasonal cheer.

Stay tuned around for the beginning of December to see what we will have been working on for the last couple of months. 

With this upcoming event, we also have some more patron rewards underway to get you all familiar with the team at Far Owl Studios and see what it is really like to work with us! With that being said, we apologize for the lack of content that is presentable to you all this month but we have so much in store for you all in these upcoming months! Thank you all for reading this!

Thank you to the following patrons who make our development even more so possible!


Ansis Malins


Danielle Davis

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