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Development Diary #1

Diary #1: The Inspiration

Hello and welcome to a series of blogs where we keep you all updated on the progress of the Ethereal Metropolis roleplay every three weeks! As we get closer and closer to a final product we may perhaps release these every week. These blogs will be called “Development Diaries” and will highlight the process of development, art, and much more in the upcoming weeks. Now for the inspiration part.

I (Kailoulou) have always been a gamer myself, been playing since I was only five years old and I had a natural knack and talent for the games. I would often spend hot summer days in my basement playing the hottest video games. Though as I have grown (regrettably) older I have realized that video games are a unique form of storytelling that combine art, writing, sound, and every medium that we have developed to date. I wanted to engage in this and really delve into game making. Create my own world and make players feel like they are engaging with something that feels alive, simulate the same experiences and thrills that I have engaged with over the course of my life.

After dropping many ideas for games I finally planted my foot down and decided to go with the Ethereal Metropolis. The primary statement being “Players ARE the story and the story influences the players” to create a feedback loop to simulate the real world where our actions have consequences and the outside world influences how we think and feel. Yet lacking resources and skills to actually develop a full blown game with assets, sound, and animation, I decided upon doing a text based roleplay with elements of games such as XCOM and Destiny. With that in mind, I have been blessed to have found such wonderful artists such as Gauche Bobbies, LazyEva and wonderful writers such as Aaron and Equus who are all working on the games art and lore to provide an immersive experience.

So what differentiates this text based roleplay?

-It is a long term commitment where the roleplay changes as time passes.

-It combines all facets of the roleplay including lore, gameplay, and world building all into telling the story simultaneously

-The map is known yet you will need to discover its secrets on your own

The early game is based upon survival and trying to find your way in a brand new place simply known as “The Ethereal Metropolis” where enemies are difficult to fight against because it is an unknown one. But as the roleplay continues and people become familiar with the mechanics and their characters. But the enemies adapt to your techniques and ways of fighting making it even at odds.

Next instillation: The lore direction of the roleplay....

Want to know more about the development process? Consider supporting us on our Patreon to get access to our development diaries a week early!

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